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The Ebers Papyrus (ca. 1550 BCE) from Old Egypt explains medical marijuana. [89] The old Egyptians employed almond (marijuana) in suppositories for reducing the discomfort of piles. [90] Enduring scrolls from Asia that is historic make sure marijuana' qualities that are psychoactive were acknowledged, and it was utilized by physicians for managing a number of conditions and diseases, including complications insomnia, intestinal problems, and discomfort, including during labor. [91] The Old Greeks used marijuana to outfit blisters and injuries on the mounts, [92] as well as in people, dry leaves of marijuana were usedto handle nosebleeds, and marijuana seeds were used-to eliminate tapeworms. [ 92 ] Within the ancient Islamic globe, doctors that were Arabic utilized the , antiepileptic that was antiemetic, anti-inflammatory antipyretic, medication and properties of Cannabis sativa, and utilized it thoroughly in the 8th to centuries as medicine. [ 93 ] An physician is acknowledged with presenting the beneficial utilization of marijuana to American medication, to greatly help handle belly aches spasms and common discomfort. [ 94 ] %%LINKS%%