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Cannabinoids have now been proven to display some anti cancer results in lab tests, though there's been small study like a melanoma therapy in people to their use. [ 109 ] 110 ] experiments that were have recommended that cannabinoids and marijuana have anticarcinogenic results, [111] including a possible impact on chest- and lung cancer tissues. [ 112 ] The Institute reviews that by December 2013 [ update ] there has been no medical tests about cannabis' utilization to deal with melanoma in only, and people one research that is little utilizing Delta 9 THC that documented antitumoral action that is potential. [113] While marijuana might have possibility of cancer pain, use being an antiemetic, so that as an agent, a lot of evidence originates from experiments, or obsolete or little reports. [ 114 ] Though there's study that is continuing, promises that marijuana hasbeen demonstrated to remedy melanoma are, based on Research UK, equally predominant on the web and "extremely deceptive". [ 115 ] There's no proof that is good that marijuana use aids decrease of obtaining melanoma, the threat. [115] Whether melanoma danger generally raises is challenging to determine because it is generally reviewed combined with this reduces study and a known. [ 115 ] Marijuana use is associated with a heightened threat of a kind of cancer. [ 116 ] %%LINKS%%